Notice on Instrument Appointment During Epidemic Period

Notice on Instrument Appointment During Epidemic Period

Dear foreign friends,

During this special period, the instrument appointment management of the Division of Public Instrument Analysis has been changed. We would like to suggest you carefully thinking about your analysis work and making a good arrangement. If you really need to do instrument analysis, please contact relative teachers as follows. We will record your requirement. Thank you for your cooperation.

1.  Surface analysis group:

Instruments: SEM、TEM、XPS、BET

Contact: Jie Li, 13810916801

2.   Organic and elements analysis group:

Instruments: ICP-MS、ICP-OES、XRF、HPLC-MSMS、microwave digestion

Contact: Shasha Xia, 18710102391

3.   Other work:

Contact: Honghua Li, 13683363260

Division of Public Instrument Analysis

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